New products – Flares PPI-26-1S and PPI-50S

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Last year we have worked hard to develop new products for you – flares PPI-26-1S and flares PPI-50S. Flares of mentioned types are used to protect aircraft (either helicopters or airplanes) against any guided missiles equipped with infrared seekers. Flares create false infrared targets and drag approached missiles to the distance safe for protected aircraft.

Flares are expendables and can be deployed on the aircraft equipped with different flare dispensers such as «Adros» KUV 26-50, ASO-2V, UV-26, «Adros» AV-26V, KDS-50 and analogies.

In December 2012 we have held testing of the mentioned 2 types of flares and finished certification process.

Mentioned types of flares are analogies of flares PPI-26-1B and PPI-50-1 types. However our products have improved infrared radiation intensity and optimized burning time.

In addition to mentioned products we recommend using improved flare dispensing laws which are supplied with 2 other products we are offering: flare dispenser «Adros» KUV 26-50 and flare dispenser «Adros» AV-26V.

These high quality products in combination with other aircraft defense systems we are offering will ensure that your aircraft is 100% safe.

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