Multifunction countermeasure pod (MCD) «Adros» T-32С

Length (m)
Width (m)
Height (m)
Mass without flares (kg)
Mass with flares (kg)
«Adros» T-32С
max 190
max 250

Multifunction countermeasure pod (MCD) «Adros» T-32С is intended for active protection of airplanes with turboprop engines of An-26, An-32 type as well as similar class airplanes against guided missiles equipped with infrared homing heads.

Depending on composition of the equipment, placed in the pod, MCD can be supplied in the following variants:

  • «Adros» T-32С, series 1 – with «Adros» КUV 26-50E flare dispensers.
  • «Adros» T-32С, series 2 – with «Adros» КUV 26-50E flare dispensers and two missile warning system sensors.
  • «Adros» T-32С, series 3 – with «Adros» КUV 26-50E flare dispensers, two missile warning system sensors, and IRCM station «Adros» KT-03UE.

One airplane can be equipped with two «Adros» T-32С pods, installed on both left and right airplane boards on regular mounting points.